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[MR-2000] - Metal Rock 1970 - 2000
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Current Song: Coheed And Cambria - The Running Free

Song history;
[23:22:25-0400]Helloween - Victim Of Fate
[23:17:05-0400]Frida - I Know Theres Something Going On
[23:12:17-0400]Heart - Crazy On You
[23:08:09-0400]Extreme - More Than Words
[23:04:06-0400]The Bravery - Time Wont Let Me Go
[22:55:56-0400]Emperor - With Strength I Burn
[22:49:41-0400]C.O.L.D.U.N. - When Visions Turn To Shades
[22:44:02-0400]TSOP - MFSB featuring The Three Degrees
[22:40:50-0400]Aeon Spoke - Sand And Foam

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